Cuneiform and the Sumerians 2/17

this is the cuneiform (Sumerian pictograph).

cuneiform (Sumerian pictograph) evolved to chinese characters

akkadian cuneiform (Sumerian pictograph)

the original and akkadian cuneiform is very similar with just eye people cant tell the difference but original is more like picture than symbols. but akkadian cuneiform is more like symbols than picture.

also the second one which is cuneiform (Sumerian pictograph) to chinese character.

as learning chinese student i always wonder how they started the chinese and now i know where the chinese came from.

1.What is a nomadic civilization

they are like tribes that move to other land every month or year. they move to find food or better climate.

2.Why did Sumerians create a visual form of communication?

because at that time, there was so many different type of people in that city.

so they had to make something that all the people could understand and easy figure out what it is.

also writing all the words were difficult so they made it simpler.

3.How did the Sumerians “write” records and documents? What medium was utilized?

first they wrote on mud(clay tablet), when they dry that just written record. and the tool they used is siylus which is some kind of wedge shaped pencil made out of the reed.

4. What is a pictogram? What is the difference between a pictograph/pictogram and an ideogram?

pictogram is written language made with pictures not word or anything. it is just picture.

ideogram it is very similar to pictogram but ideogram express ideas and it doest not have right or wrong writing system


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